Saturday, April 2, 2016

Crumbling BRICs

Russian Economy Shrunk 3.7 Percent Last Year (Radio Free Europe)

Brazil's downward spiral a global tragedy (The Star)

Protests throw light on India's water crisis (CNN)

India is dying of thirst, can we please talk about it? (Reddit)

The slowdown: What’s China worried about? (CNBC)

"Don't Take The Public For Fools!": China Hides Millions Of Layoffs, Jails Miners Protesting Unpaid Wages (Zero Hedge)

To Recovery!


  1. radio free Europe sounds like a scam.

    Yeah, Russia is suffering, as are all oil producers. (See ya later ARAMCO?).

    Keep up the good work. I frankly love this blog. Good stuff, especially the longer pieces.

  2. I somehow knew that all the talk about BRIC nations being the next global power was just that-simply talk. These countries have followed the same exploitative paradigm that the US, Europe and Japan have practiced. Stock markets, fiat currency, manipulation of gold and silver, extraction of resources at the expense of the environment. There was no way that that salad days of BRIC was going to last.

    My prediction came true.

    Now, for the worldwide downward spin :P


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