Monday, September 7, 2015

Obligatory Labor Day Post

How the U.S. is losing the leisure race, in 1 depressing chart (Washington Post)

While researching a longer piece on the history of oil, I learned that Britain switched to a three day week in 1974 to deal with the energy crisis (in additional to oil costs, coal miners went on strike). Of course, it was implemented overnight and caused considerable economic hardship. But it shows that working less conserves resources.

BONUS: This Labor Day, it's time for the U.S. to catch up with the rest of the world (David Cay Johnston, Philadelphia Inquirer)


  1. Compared to being the average working prole in the USA, being homeless, as long as you are at least moderately healthy, is a better deal.

    1. Maybe not here where it’s below freezing for six months out of the year, and below zero for a couple of those. Then again, homeless people typically leave during the winter.

      But really, given the toxic nature of most workplaces in America, adding no vacation time on top of it is a barbarity that beggars the imagination. That’s also why we’ll never have European-style health care here – it’s needed to terrorize people into working.


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