Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Walled Planet

The Berlin Wall once symbolized the split between Communism and the "free world." Well, it seems that globalized Neoliberal capitalism has entered its own wall-building phase:

I just red that Bulgaria is going to put a wall up all along their border with Turkey:

Bulgaria Puts Up a New Wall, but This One Keeps People Out (New York Times)

Of course, the United States has a wall along our border with Mexico:

US-Mexico Border Fence / Great Wall of Mexico (Global Security)

And there's the "separation barrier" in the West Bank in Israel:

Walled off: 12 years of Israel’s separation barrier (Al Jazeera)

And Saudi Arabia is building a wall along their border with Iraq:

Revealed: Saudi Arabia's 'Great Wall' to keep out Isil (Telegraph)

Everyone is trying to wall off Iraq/Syria: Turkey's new border wall angers Kurds on both sides of Syrian divide (Guardian)

What does this say about our world?

The Great Wall of Texas: How the U.S. Is Repeating One of History's Great Blunders. Today's immigration debate has an eerie precedent in the mistakes that brought down great empires from Rome to Britain (The Atlantic)


  1. The human ego likes to be always right, and national, collective egos are the same. We're never wrong unless other people (or nations) are around to point it out. We withdraw from others when we're tired of being wrong; behind locked doors, inside our personal autos, or behind border walls. (Or our nation is powerful enough to destroy the offending nation, which also takes care of the problem of being wrong.)

    To put it even more broadly, the human ego doesn't like having its illusions about the world challenged. Perhaps the wall building is a physical reaction to the world wide web, which does seem to be able to make just about everyone feel offended.

    Or perhaps the people of the world feel under assault by the oligarchs who are working to establish a "Singapore model" of no civil rights for the entire world, ruled over by the .0001%. National sovereignty, culture, laws, all to be swept aside.

    Or the collective unconscious, the zeitgeist, may feel that some great upheaval is imminent (World War III?), and historically walls have come in handy.

    Or perhaps there's a "bubble" building of unexpended munitions stockpiles around the world, and the weapon manufacturers need that inventory cleared out to make room for more arms sales. A wall would make me feel safer, even if it would be largely useless in the modern age. Old instincts die hard.

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