Thursday, February 12, 2015

Alternative Lifestyles

Meet the pro baseball player who lives in a van (GrindTV) Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Norris opts for life on four wheels

I wish I could live in a Westfalia camper. I've always loved those. Good luck getting a job without a permanent address, though. Not many of us have won the Major League baseball contract lottery.

Trailer homesteading in the Mojave (BoingBoing)

The smell of creosote is the first premonition of rain in the Mojave. It stinks, until you learn to associate it with rain, and then it takes on a kind of magic. The leaves of the creosote bush produce the smell, a potent resin that drips onto the ground with the downpour and acts as an herbicide against competing plants. The smell is more reliable than weather reports...The last rain event in our part of Joshua Tree was in July, right after my brother-in-law, Damian, finished detailing the second swale. When the first big raindrops fell, we all ran out to watch the water flow into the swales.

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