Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Hipcrime Vocab West Coast Tour

Well, I'll be doing a staycation of sorts, if by staycation we mean the United States. In the end, it came down to a $250-300 flight out of my local airport (which is a short bus ride down the street), or paying $1000+ to head down to O'Hare and spend 15+ hours in air transport, switching planes and layovers. Then there's the disorientation and language barrier. Laziness and cheapness took over. Although, I have to say, the gambling, prostitution and endangered species markets of Mong La were awfully tempting. And apparently India needs some tourism help.

So I'll be on the West Coast. I'll be in Los Angeles tomorrow, staying in Topanga Canyon for a week. After the 27th, I'll need to find a new place, and I'll be driving north along the coast to San Francisco. I'll be leaving from San Francisco on the 31st.

So if anyone wants to kick it West Coast Style, let me know. My itinerary is totally open. If you know of a good place to stay between L.A. and San Francisco, or know of a good spot to stay in S.F. I'd appreciate the tip.


  1. I live in San Francisco, but I'll be out of town while you're here. Bummer! You might check out San Luis Obispo on your way up the coast, though. It's a cute college town. If you want any restaurant or sightseeing recommendations for San Francisco, I can help out.

  2. Yes. I agree that San Luis is a cool place and from there take the coast highway. Hearst castle is an intersting stop nearby and the drive is beautiful all the way north into Monterrey.

  3. I second SLO-Town as a place to stop on the way north. If you take the coastal route, also enjoy the Monterey Peninsula and stop by the Aquarium. Close your eyes and you can imagine Spock communicating with George and Gracie.

    Also, too bad I don't live out there any more. Topanga Canyon is only a few miles away from where I grew up.

  4. Camp or get a cottage at Coastanoa Lodge, north of Santa Cruz, near pigeon Point Lighthouse.

    Stay at the hostel on the Marin Headlands, or rent a bicycle and ride over there.

    Visit Harbin Hot Springs up in Middletown, if you can.


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