Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Night Music, Ragnarök edition.

Well, temperatures late next week as March begins are expected to be in the single digits with below-zero windchills. So as Fimbulwinter continues here in the Midwest, it's appropriate that Ragnarok is set to begin this weekend. In honor of that here's some appropriate theme music.

Incidentally, some scholars think that these Norse legends were inspired by an actual ten-year winter during the Dark Ages that began in the year 536. Scholars have recently found some evidence that the winter may have been caused by dusty fragments from Halley's comet causing increased metor showers putting soot into the atmosphere. In any case, I for one will be enjoying watching the wolf Fenrir devouring the sun this weekend.

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  1. I also responded to Ragnarok with music, but my selection was different from yours. I chose the final scene of Wagner's Gotterdammerung.

    Did you know Ragnarok is today?


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