Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet Water R.I.P.

I was sorry to hear that while I was gone, Sweet Water Organics, the aquaponics businesses close to me and one of the world's largest, finally closed its doors:

Sweet Water Organics ceases production, owes city $137,000 (JSOnline)

I previously noted the irony in having to grow fish in tanks in old industrial buildings in a city on a major lake and crossed by multiple rivers in The Perils of Complex Systems.

It's too bad, and I hope it doesn't discourage people from trying things like this. But, in the end, you still have to run things like a business and make things work financially under the current paradigm.

In other news from 'sconsin: Dairy farmer acquitted on three of four charges in raw milk trial. I may be able to get raw milk yet in America's Dairyland.


  1. "I may be able to get raw milk yet in America's Dairyland."

    This is another idea where you agree with Joel Salatin. Unfortunately, it's the best example of Salatin's lament that "Everything I want to do is illegal."

  2. Just passed the Sweet Water Organics site on Amtrak's Empire Builder westbound last Friday. It definitely looked abandoned and I wondered if they finally had to shut down. You confirmed my suspicions.


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