Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Residential Water Harvesting

Design graphics for water harvesting project in my neighborhood. They are going after grants for a  demonstration project. Work performed for water harvesting nonprofit startup:


  1. It looks like I will be joining one of the ecovillages this year, and would like to build... maybe a tiny straw bale... But what bothers me, everything at Dancing Rabbit is so expensive! Seems to me that a small load bearing straw bale should not cost an arm and a leg, the whole point of building with natural materials should be "access for anyone". I was wondering if you were at all interested in being involved in some small way in developing a tiny house that is quick to put up and cheap (several thousand dollars). ? :-)

    1. Have you looked into this:
      I worked on a straw bale house years ago in western Wisconsin, but alternative contruction is not honestly my area of expertise. But I'll be happy to give some design advice.

      I'd look for a good builder you can trust, and I would make sure that the technique you are using is appropriate for the climate. Often times you can get lots of volunteer help on an innovative project, but you need supervision, and professionals if you want heating, electricity, plumbing, etc.

      I think my ideal design for Wisconsin would be an earth-sheltered home with southern exposure and a masonry mass heater. You could probably stay warm all year with a few cords of wood.

  2. The techniques that you provide for rain harvesting is awesome, bby this techinque we can save 60-70% rain water and any time we use this water for any purpose.


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