Sunday, August 12, 2012

Poor Wisconsin

Pity us in Wisconsin. Only months after having an overtly corrupt Tea-Party governor survive a recall and serve up another round of ALEC-sponsored legislation, the Republicans nominate our congressman Paul Ryan as vice president (at least it wasn't Walker himself, another favorite). Last night, of course, the "liberal" televised local media was falling over itself in praise to mighty Paul Ryan, portrayed as a towering giant of contemporary politics. You would think he was the second coming of Abraham Lincoln wrapped up in Franklin Roosevelt to hear the local media's fawning coverage, which those of us in Wisconsin will now have to endure until election day. Presumably, this means Romney will carry Wisconsin, completing our transformation into a "red" state (aka Wississippi).

The only two things I know about Ryan are that he represents one of the wealthiest districts in the state and he makes all his staffers read Altas Shrugged. This does not bode well. One again Ayn Rand's sociopathic vision for humanity asserts itself in here the United States, becoming something akin to the sayings of V.I. Lenin for the the radical inverse-Marxist libertarians, who may now reach the pinnacle of power. It's no coincidence that Ryan's budget has been called "thinly-veiled Social Darwinism." It's the normalization of sociopathy at the highest levels of leadership.

They say Ryan's a policy wonk, but of course elections have nothing to do with policy, it's all about "personality" and media manipulation, and the Republicans are proving more adept at this then the last go-around. This article gets it right:
In one great swoop, Willard has recaptured a good portion of the elite political media, which has been crushing on Ryan's "courage" to take on the "tough choices" — none of which, it should be pointed out, likely will affect Ryan, who's already got himself an education out of the social safety net he now intends to shred, and certainly will never affect the haircut at the top of the ticket, or his great-grandchildren, for all that — and the coverage of the pick in the middle of the night showed that many of our finer chattering heads are already practicing tying the stem of the cherry with their tongues in preparation for covering the new Republican ticket.
It's also all about money, as high office is pretty much an auction, and the big-money donations have been shifting from Obama to Romney of late. Given the central planks of Ryan's budget are the stealth elimination of the social safety net (esp. Medicare and Social Security) and the privatization of everything in sight (aka transfers of tax monies to politically connected private insiders in a sort of looting), the Romney ticket has to look awfully appealing to the plutocrats who run the nation. It's actually fiendishly clever - don't stop the checks from coming, just make them smaller and smaller over time until they are essentially worthless to keep the masses placated. By that time you're long gone and it's someone else's problem.

What's amazing is that in the worst economy since the Great Depression, after forty years of falling wages, with health care bankruptcies happening every day and with Depression-era levels of unemployment, the people are going to vote for a platform of cutting taxes on the wealthy and eliminating the social safety net, essentially a reverse-New Deal. And if you thought Obama gave the criminal bankers a free-reign, just wait until a bona-fide corporate raider occupies the Oval Office.

Anyway, it's just another reason to avoid any and all media for the next four months. I've long since stopped caring. But why did it have to be Wisconsin? At least we've still got plenty of farms.

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