Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Future Imperfect

They say fiction is a representation of the mood of its consumers. Based on what's coming out, what's on people's minds is disaster and decay. So despite the chirpy prediction that "America's best days are ahead of us" that you're sure to hear ad nauseum from both prequalified political candidates this season, clearly the mood in America is somewhat darker.

After making the shiny, optimistic future of Star Trek, J. J. Abrams has apparently jumped on board the doomer bandwagon:

Their clothes look contemporary. Did J.C. Penney survive the blast? And the jobs front doesn't look too good either:


  1. And then there's the first major hit movie of the year, "Hunger Games," which is a post-apocalyptic work of young adult science fiction. I checked to see if you'd mentioned it, but, as I mentioned over at my blog, you seem not to have.


    1. Ah, I can't believe I forgot that! I've got to see the movie/read the book. I read The Windup Girl a while back.

      I grew up watching classic Trek. I watched a couple of episodes last night (Return of the Archons and Tomorrow Is Yesterday). It seems the national outlook can be captured in its science fiction. The contrast is amazing.

    2. ST:TOS was my first fandom, so I can relate. That series was all about better living through chemistry, rationality, and technology. The optimism, at least as depicted in that series, if not the later ones, seems so quaint now. Notice that The Next Generation was darker than the original, and the series kept getting darker up to Deep Space 9. I didn't watch much of Enterprise, but I got the feeling that it didn't succeed because it had become too dark for the source material (the Vulcans as oppressive mentors to humans), yet not dark enough for the times. It couldn't do that and still be Trek.

      As for the Hunger Games, I'm glad to have reminded you of it. I haven't read the books/watched the movie yet, either, but at least I've mentioned it in passing.

      Finally, I know of three of us writing blogs about sustainability with names that reference science fiction novels, you, me, and Leibowitz Society (Canticle for Leibowitz). "The Windup Girl" would be a good name for a blog on the same topic written by a woman. Maybe I should suggest that to Kriscan. She's certainly wound up enough!


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