Friday, March 2, 2012

The Rent's Too Damned High

Well, I've been pretty depressed over the past day after learning my landlord's jacking up my rent. Because the economy's doing so fucking great, right? He's also trying to cram a bunch of extreme legal provisions down my throat along with the bitter pill (60 days notice for moving out!). And guess what - he's a banker, so you knew this kind of behavior was coming.

There's nothing more humbling than some prick ten years younger than you and half your size pushing you around with money and contracts. He's one of those uber-capitalist silver-spoon pricks who makes money by buying houses and renting them out (I guess gambling in houses is still going even after the crash). These people run the world. One of his sleazy  friends who helped him pounce on this property before the previous tenants were cold in the ground is running for county supervisor, and you just know if he gets in he's going to screw everyone over. Rent seeking in the literal sense!

But that's what renting reminds you of - you're at the bottom of the food chain. Even the roof over you're head is at the mercy of rich predators. We're getting ten inches of snow over the next couple of days, so with mild winter over, it's a reminder of what I'll probably end up living in. I also reminds you that we are ruled by monsters. Our society especially rewards the worst and greediest people, who care about nothing more than the almighty dollar and screwing people over. That's what it takes to be "successful".

I don't know how anyone buys a house in this country, committing to two decades of payments in this age of temporary employment, no job security, downward mobility, and lousy prospects. What percentage of Americans aren't a hair trigger away from unemployment? Ten? Twenty? I make considerably more than the median income, but I've never felt confident enough to buy a house. Of course, I'm also alone, so no additional income. And to top it off, work's started laying off people again. My expenses keep going up and up, but my pay sure isn't. Even living an impoverished lifestyle, my expenses are starting to worry me. And if I get laid off, it's game over...

I guess I shouldn't feel too singled out, with people's property taxes continuing to soar. I don't feel too sympathetic to people whose homes are "underwater" - they're just suckers, period.

Sorry, just had to vent.

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