Friday, March 30, 2012

Permaculture, European Style

French village Pince to hand out chickens to cut waste (BBC):
A French village has proposed giving two chickens to each household in order to cut down on organic waste.  Officials in the village of Pince in north-western France say the chickens should each consume 150kg (330lb) of rubbish per year. It is hoped that as well as reducing waste, the chickens will help families save money by providing eggs. Those who express an interest will receive their chickens in September, officials say.

"To begin with it was a joke, but then we realised it was a very good idea," mayor of Pince Lydie Pasteau told France 3 TV.

"It will also reinforce community links: just as people look after their neighbours' cats and dogs while they're away, they'll also look after the chickens," she said. Between 15 and 20 households are believed to have shown an interest in the scheme so far. Ms Pasteau said she hoped the chickens would prove "a good investment as the the cost of waste disposal is bound to increase over time."
Belgium offers chickens to waste-cutting households (BBC)
The town of Mouscron has 50 pairs of chickens that it will distribute to families with sufficient space to keep the birds in their gardens. Those who take part in the scheme must agree not to eat the chickens for at least two years, or to give them away. Local officials are stressing that applicants could gain a supply of free, fresh eggs.

The town council's environment department is building on the success of a previous distribution of chickens, officials told Belgium's La Derniere Heure. The aim of the project is to publicise alternative methods of waste management. Residents included in the project will be given basic instruction on chicken-keeping.

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