Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Maker Movement

I have yet to collect all my thoughts on the "Maker" movement. It's a big topic, and it seems people are pinning their hopes in it as the next economic paradigm. I'm not sure. Will it take the place of heavy manufacturing? Can 3D printing replace drop forges and injection molding? Can it make the stuff we actually need? Can it be price competitive? Are we just looking for a miracle to free us from corporate tyranny and globaliziation? I have many links in search of a post...

So anyway, before it slips my mind, here's an excellent overview:

Rise of the 'maker movement' (Al Jazeera). It certainly deserves consideration. After all, if you had seen the first Newcomen engine plunging away in a coal mine in a dank corner of a foggy little island off the coast of Europe in 1750, would you think it would revolutionize human history?

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