Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poo-Powered Prisons

Inside Rwanda's Poo-Powered Prisons. In an effort to reduce deforestation, biogas from the prisoner's waste is used for cooking fuel. The prisoners also farm their own food. The beans, maize, bananas and cassava are eaten, and the waste product is used to cook food.  It's also a great model of Permaculture in action - waste is utilized rather than ignored. Presumably, after the biogas is harvested, the waste can be used as fertilizer for the next round of crops.While prisons themselves are nothing to be proud of, this seems to unintentionally be a great model for a sustainable community. Hopfully, future communities like this will actually choose to live together.

Related: Treehugger's 2011 Year in Pee and Poo. As the post notes, "But the fact is, sanitation issues are crucially important to a safe, stable and sustainable society." Very true. While we're obsessed with cars and iPods, the fact is, it's the management of human waste that defines healthy civilizations.

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