Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We've talked about how the economy is concentrated into the hands of just a few corporations, essentially functioning as a brittle, centrally-planned system. This system is more and more coming to resemble Communism, just in private hands. Just as the state owned everything in pre-collapse Russia, an amalgam of the state and a few private decision-makers own everything in or society. Just like that society, the decision-makers enrich themselves while the rest of us get poorer, and suffer unsafe conditions, diminished opportunities, etc. And, just like the S.U., our society is getting more and more repressive.

Here's an exhibit on just how tightly controlled our food system is:

Conglomerate American Food Infographic
Source: Frugal dad

And, to make matters worse, we're running out out of key elements that make society work. Have a look (click to enlarge):

via Grist

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