Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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If execs really don't know the day-to-day details about how their global corporations work, why is it that they're compensated so well for whatever it is they DO know about?

and also:

Giant cartels calling themselves corporations have gotten so big and have so many moving parts that you cannot prosecute the people at the top, as they can claim ignorance of the actions of their underlings. If you check out the testimonies of everyone in a Congressional hearing in the US for the past, say, 10 years (including people like Goldman Sachs), you'll find that "I don't recall" or "I wasn't in charge of that" is the get out of jail free card.
This will be solved, sooner or later. Probably when the pitchforks come out in the second recession that is quickly heading our way.

and this:

Welcome to modern capitalism.
If you lose money or get in trouble you are not responsible. In fact you may get a bonus! Feel free to lay off workers too.
If you make money then you get the lion's share and the workers just get an email (if they are lucky) saying "good job". Celebrate by moving a plant to a cheaper country but your job will stay right here.
You are not responsible for bad things, the buck doesn't stop with you. The US President is held responsible for everything but the CEO of a major company isn't. Continue to claim though that business people are inherently more skilled and morally better than government people at running things.

Limited posting while I cool off. <sarcasm>I'm so glad big business and Republicans have assured us that global warming is a socialist conspiracy. Maybe the socialists control the weather.</sarcasm>

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