Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lloyd Alter

Lloyd Alter has quickly become one of my favorite writers on architectural sustainability. His writing (most of it on the blog Treehugger) has greatly influenced my thinking about what green architecture and urbanisrm really is. I had bookmarked many of his posts intending to write a sort of manifesto of my own, summarizing a lot of his key points and adding my own thoughts.

Lloyd writes intellligently about how architecture has become obsessed with adding new gagets onto buildings - techno-fixes that are not really ideal solutions. Looking at how we designed building and cities before we had the seeming infinite and abundant energy we have today is one place to start. Another is to realize that conservation is key, and more of anything we don't need is probably a bad idea at this point.

I see that Lloyd has a post on Treehugger today summarizing his major thoughts over the years. So this is an excellent introduction to his philosophy of what sustainable building and towns really mean. Here is the post:

Heritage is Green: Lessons From the Conservancy

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