Thursday, May 19, 2011

Media Bias?

Triumphantly proclaimed on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and displayed prominently on JSOnline (if you can make it past all the ads):

Private sector added 3,000 jobs in April; state jobless rate dips to 7.3%

Gee, I wonder of that anything to do with this tidbit  from last month:

The "good" news: McDonalds recently hired 62,000 people for minimum wage, part-time work, which was 24 percent more than they planned. The bad news: Over a million people applied for the jobs, which means at least 938,000 applicants were turned down.

I wonder how many of those 3,000 jobs were part of the 62,000 McDonald's jobs. Oddly enough, the article doesn't say. Also very prominently placed in the print edition and online:

Nine state workers earned more than $65,000 each in overtime

3:00 p.m. | Nine state workers made more than $65,000 in overtime last year, including one who took in about $105,000 in overtime to more than double her salary.

Yup, it's those state workers earning $65,000 dollars that are driving us broke all right! However, I had to initiate an advanced online search to find this article:

Average pay for Wisconsin corporate CEOs up 27% in 2010

For more than a dozen, raises exceeded 100%

The pay of Wisconsin's top corporate executives rose an average of 27% in 2010, a year when unemployment hovered around 8% and pay to the average worker in the state fell.

See how the "Liberal" media works?

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